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We are pleased to announce that we are now representing UK based Dawson Construction Plant Ltd (DCP), manufacturer of Innovative Piling Equipment. DCP have been manufacturing a wide range of products relating to the driving and extracting of steel piles for the last 38 years. It has a sound reputation in this market and has a global supply network through distributors which also provide local support. As a result of DCP having a contracting company which is also based in the UK, it is the only company manufacturing piling equipment that has the ability to test and research the usage of such equipment before being made available to the market at large.

Double Acting Hydraulic Impact Hammers

DAWSON’s range of Double Acting Hydraulic Impact Hammers is the fastest in the world, providing blow rates from 120 to 80 blows per minute at maximum energy. Dawson hammers use hydraulics to lift the ram weight and also to accelerate the ram down thus provide an increase in impact providing increased energy and therefore momentum which is the force that drives the pile. Dawson hammers have a range of ram weights from 1tonne to 12 tonnes and can be used for driving sheet piles of all sections either in singles or pairs, H-beams and tubes up to 2.6m in diameter. These fast double acting hammers provide high work rates in all conditions ensuring contracts are completed on time.

Excavator Mounted Vibros (EMV)

Dawson’s range of Excavator Mounted Vibros (EMV) cover a weight range from 5 tonnes up to 55 tonnes, using the hydraulic power of the excavator to run the hydraulic motors. Each machine comes with its own stand for when not in use and a safety chain to lift the piles from horizontal to the vertical pitching position to start driving. All machines are easy to maintain and the larger models can drive in pairs of piles. By using a Cassion beam adaptor with two jaws you can drive tubes up 1100mm in diameter.

Excavator Mounted Drills (EMD)

Dawson also make an Excavator Mounted Drills (EMD) that can be easily fitted to the boom of your excavator perfect for low head room site conditions or drilling over obstructions, the torque range from 17.5 to 48.5 kNm and a High Power to Weight ratio mean that these Drills are very versatile moving around site., where ever the excavator goes you can drill a vertical hole.

CFA auger cleaner

Dawson’s unique CFA auger cleaner allow spoil from continuous flight augers to be removed at the lowest possible level so as to prevent rig instability and avoid injury to personnel or damage to machinery due to falling debris. Units are custom built to suit customers drilling rigs and auger specifications. An auger cleaner can be adapted to a variety of different auger diameters and pitches using alternative shells. The shell, or barrel, is attached to the underside of the auger cleaner drive. Auger cleaners provide a fast, powerful and productive means of cleaning all soil types from a continuous flight auger. This becomes increasingly important as the diameters increase, particularly with heavy soils. Models are available to clean auger diameters from 300 to 2,000mm, depending on rig specification.

Silent and Vibration less Push-Pull system

Dawson’s produce a Silent and Vibration less Push-Pull system that will push or extract piles into the ground, being perfect for inner city areas where vibration and impact hammers can damage surrounding buildings. Modules can be configured to drive Z, U and H piles either in crane suspended mode or attached to a leader rig system. In simple terms the Push-Pull system works by gripping on some of the for a reaction and driving one at a time, and then moving to the next pile and gripping on the rest, in so doing working backwards and forwards along the set. It can also work in reverse to extract silently.

Universal Pile Extraction machine

Dawson’s manufacture a Universal Pile Extraction machine that can extract all sections i.e. Z, U, piles, H beams and also Tubes out of the ground with either a 400 or 1000 tonnes of force making it a unique machine in the world of piling. This silent extracting machine has an extraction rate of 3m per min. and is safer than using a vibrator or pulling with a crane.

Dawson Sheet Pile Capping System

The Dawson Sheet Pile Capping System provides a fast economical method of support shuttering for capping beams on permanent sheet piling works such as River banks, Jetties and anywhere a concrete cap has to be constructed. The labour saving systems hangs off the pile wall and is easily assembled and dismantled so it can be moved along the pile wall and support the next section of cap to be constructed. To assess the suitability of the capping system all we need to be able to specify which is the best set-up to use please provide a drawing and leave the rest to us.

Dawson Sheet Pile Threaders

Dawson Sheet Pile Threaders not only ensure site safety but also enable piles are threaded very quickly improving work rates and thus saving money. The Universal Sheet Pile Threader will work with all sections of piles such as Z, U and straight sections, making it a universal labour saving device which is very safe. The Standard Sheet Pile threader has to be set-up at the outset to just 1 pile section and therefore is not as flexible as the Universal System.

 Sheet Pile Guide Frames

Dawson has supplied Sheet Pile Guide Frames to contractors around the world to enable sheet piles to be installed accurately and safely when using Vibros and Impact Hammers. Spans of 14 or 26m provide a solid beam at ground level to guide the piles into the ground and a walk way at either 4m or 6m above the ground, which has the additional feature of a guard rail to provide safety for the operator.

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