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These vibratory drivers / extractors are designed and manufactured in the USA by ICE, a world leader in cost-effective foundation equipment since 1974. We continue to provide innovative products to our customers and the highest quality parts. ICE power units run CAT diesel engines for unit reliability and easy access to parts and service from anywhere in the world. Our hammers utilize an open-loop hydraulic system to maximize efficiency and reliability, while our gear case design provides maximum pile amplitude and is light weight.* All ICE units use the highest quality pumps and motors.

ICE believes the expense of operating the equipment for our customers and the environment are equally important. The power unit has duplicate electronic controls via a remote control pendant for both safety and fuel efficiency. Our computerized power units can also pinpoint repair needs and provide other diagnostics. ICE power packs utilize Chevron Clarity non-toxic, biodegradable hydraulic oil and have a heavy-duty steel enclosure and fuel-tank subbase to protect the power unit and the environment.

With our Patented Dual-pull TM suppressor available in a majority of our units, ICE vibratory drivers / extractors are able to provide maximum vibration isolation during driving and extraction combined with high pulling capacity for tough extraction jobs. ICE offers a full range of clamps and accessories for all types of piling jobs including our specialized V clamp. **

* Contact for specific detail & clarification adapting our units for underwater usage and for specific detail & clarification of all hammer clamps and accessories specific to each model.

  • Prior to start-up, the eccentric moment is set to zero.
  • During start-up, vibrator frequency passes through 600-1200 vpm with zero eccentric moment and no disturbance in the soil, structures or crane line.
  • After full operating frequency (2000-2300 vpm) is reached, eccentric moment is set to maximum for driving and extracting.
  • Before shut-down, the eccentric moment is again set to zero.
  • During shut-down, vibrator frequency again passes through 600-1200 vpm with zero eccentric moment and no disturbance in the soil, structures or crane line.
  • The ICE ZR vibratory driver/ extractors are designed to never operate at a frequency range that could cause resonance vibration to the soil, structures or crane line.

Eccentric moment is controlled from the vibrator remote-control pendant. Shifting between zero and maximum eccentric moment occurs simply and quickly.

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