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KB International slurry Polymers

KB International LLC (USA) for Slurry Polymers.

KB International is the world leader in the development of synthetic slurries and synthetic formation stabilization systems for the construction of deep earth excavations. Our products and technologies also extend too many other specialty applications within the geo construction marketplace. KB’s innovative technology has been utilized extensively throughout the world. To each of our clients we offer:

  • 21 Years of Successful Product Development.
  • The First Technically Competent Geotechnical Polymer Slurry in Independent Industry Testing.
  • The First Technically Successful Geotechnical Application of Polymer Slurry.
  • Successful Performance in 57 Countries.
  • Worldwide On-Site Field Representation.
  • Full Analytical Capabilities.
  • Primary Personnel Have 100+ Years in Drilling and Chemical Industries.
  • 4 US Patents.
  • 2 Canadian Patents.
  • 3 Asian Patents.
  • 2 Australian Patents.
  • 14 EU Patents.
  • Additional US & International Patents are Pending.
  • Established Customer Base Worldwide.
  • Multiple DOT & International Government Agency Approvals Joint.
  • Joint Research Association With Oxford University.
  • Multiple Association Involvement Including ADSC and DFI.
  • Extensive Worldwide Distributor System.
  • Multiple Design Engineering Firms Approvals and Preference.
  • Extensive Associations with Major Design Engineering Firms.
  • Top performance in all 4 Academic Research Studies (Univ. of Houston, Univ. of Munich, Oxford Univ.)

KB personnel’s breadth of knowledge and experience in the development and application of specialty polymers for the drilling fluids and earth stabilization industries is unmatched. The majority of KB’s staff has worked in the oil & gas, mining, geothermal, and water well industries. Several of KB’s staff has played key roles in the development of new and innovative polymers and chemical solutions for the drilling fluids (fresh & salt) in oil & gas, mining, water and geothermal industries. A few of KB’s personnel have even played pivotal roles in the introduction of vinyl polymer chemistry including, advanced polyacrylamides, advanced deflocculants, Polyamides, Poly-DADMAC’s, Synthetic polymer methacrylate based fluid loss agents, and various other more sophisticated and higher performance polymer and chemical additives to oil & gas service industry which is comprised of Baroid, M-I Drilling Fluids, Baker Hughs INTEQ, and several smaller drilling fluids companies.

Current Technology

  • Only Polymeric Slurry technology that can form a ‘True’ Gel Membrane or fluid loss barrier.
  • Only Polymeric Slurry technology that demonstrates soil stabilization, (in-situ chemical grouting) properties.
  • Only Polymer Slurry technology that rapidly removes colloids and fines from suspension within the slurry.
  • Only company with proven polymer slurry technology demonstrating pseudo plastic chemistry and thixotropic chemistry.
  • All Polymer technologies consistently produce highest skin friction development in the industry.
  • Only Company researching, developing & marketing advanced Associative amphoteric polymeric systems.
  • Currently introducing major advancement in Semi-Synthetic polymer systems.
  • Recently made significant advancements in non-vinyl synthetic technology (major new chemistry on the immediate horizon).
  • Recently made significant advancements in Seawater systems. KB is currently introducing the first phase of this technology in SlurrySMART SW and HydroCUT SW.
  • Currently sitting on major advancement for Hydro Mill and Large Diameter Tunnel boring fluids.
  • Currently sitting on major advancement in slurry solids removal equipment technology.
  • Currently confirming performance properties and superiority of “SMART” technology at Oxford & Univ. of Munich.

Markets Served

  • Diaphragm Walls
  • Bored Piles
  • Drilled Shafts
  • Tieback Anchors
  • Tunneling
  • Horizontal Drilling
  • Slurry Trenching
  • Bentonite Modification/Augmentation
  • Mineral Coring
  • Soil Stabilization


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