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Everything You Wanted to Know about DTH Hammer on Rent?

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A drill rod fitted with a jackhammer at its lower end is a down-the-hole or DTH hammer. The hammer and the drill bit simultaneously hammer and drill hard surfaces like rocks and boulders.

Compressed air in a piston in the DTH hammer—which is categorized as heavy construction equipment—operates the hammer and the drill. Drill cuttings produced by the dual-action are flushed out with a flushing current and conveyed to the surface. The DTH hammer is for hard and very hard surfaces.

To reiterate, down-the-hole drilling involves a drilling hammer and a drill string. The drill string rotates and the drilling hammer pounds as it repeatedly penetrates the very hard rock or boulder surface.

What is a DTH Drilling Rig?

A DTH hammer crushes hard rock and the drilled cuttings and dust that are flushed out by a fluid—air, water, or drilling mud. The DTH hammer price can be ascertained from authorized dealers of heavy construction equipment. There is bound to be the top-heavy construction equipment near me which stocks DTH hammers. The best DTH hammer price near me will be wherever there is construction activity going on. DTH hammers are used in the construction of infrastructures like bridges and roads, piers, and docks.

What is a DTH Bit?

The DTH hammer bit is part of the DTH hammer and can drill through all rocks types. Drill bits are designed to rotate in the ground. DTH bits can also be sourced from heavy construction equipment dealers. While on DTH hammer price and drill bits, it is informative to know that there is something called top hammer drilling and there is also something called DTH drilling. DTH hammers help install construction pilings. The drill in the DTH hammer vibrates and loosens the surface while the hammer does the heavy-hitting. The DTH hammer will be available at any dealer of heavy construction equipment.

Who Invented the DTH Hammer?

The DTH hammer is not a new invention. An American and a Belgian, both working separately, struck on the idea of the DTH hammer. The DTH hammer price will most likely be the same everywhere. And the DTH hammer will be found at any warehouse of a top-heavy construction equipment dealer near me.

Summing Up

Try to get hold of the nearest authorized dealer of any reputed heavy construction equipment company. Else search the internet. You will get the names of top dealers and their websites. Search with the use of the right keywords. For example, heavy construction equipment or DTH hammer! That said, a top dealer in DTH hammers near me is Sugam Infra. Check the website for the best prices in DTH hammers, and for the address.

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