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What are Some Exclusive Benefits Associated with Down the Hole Hammers?

Numa DTH Hammer

Turning a hard rock into debris remains no more a hassle today. With human evolution and technological advancement reaching its peak, almost every construction-related operation has become easy. Similarly, the introduction of Numa DTH hammers has proved to be a boon to the construction industry.

What does DTH Hammer Refer to?

DTH hammer is the short form for down the hole hammer. It is a special type of hammer that has a jackhammer attached to the drill. The main functionality associated with this particular hammer is that it has helped in easing the operation of turning a hard rock into debris. The debris is finally evacuated from the drilled hole with the help of certain fluids.

The bit of the drill gets inside the hole that has been drilled on the hard rock. Once it is in position, the function of heavy-hitting is performed by the hammer. As clear from the name, exclusively manufactured Numa DTH hammers are utilized for the effective hammering of hard rock to turn the same into dust.

There are certain remarkable features associated with the Numa DTH hammer. Some of the highly remarkable ones have been mentioned in a nutshell.

What are Some Remarkable Benefits of Numa DTH Hammer?

Carrying out construction projects without the right type of hammer is very much difficult. The introduction of Numa DTH hammers has proved to be a boon in the construction industry. Want to know how? Here are some remarkable benefits associated with this special type of hammer:

  • Reduces auxiliary time effectively – The use of DTH hammers helps in reducing the auxiliary time effectively. The high efficiency in terms of drilling makes carrying out the operations easy and efficient.
  • Low cost – Another remarkable benefit associated with high-quality Numa DTH hammers is the low cost associated. It can easily operate by proper application of small axial pressure, low amount of torque, low rotation speed, consumption of low natural power, and easy installation are some additional perks to enjoy.
  • Reduction in the time of washing off well – With the help of the right type of DTH hammer, the whole wall drilled is neat and clean. Thus, there is hardly any risk of coming across any type of pollution. The original stratum structure and water permeability help a lot in reducing the washing time of the well. Finally, it results in easy savings of cost.
  • Problem-solving ability – The Numa DTH hammers can be used for drilling purposes with the help of a pipe in case the stratum gets lost. It is also applicable in case the wall of the whole wall becomes unstable. Such a great facility will help in the complete solving of the problem that is associated with repeated operation.

Last but not the least, as the DTH hammer makes use of wind as the main power source; carrying out construction-related projects during winter remains no more a hassle. If you are searching for high-quality Numa DTH hammer for your construction project, then better approach Sugam Infra Pvt. Ltd. It has been recognized to be one of the most popular and reliable heavy equipment manufacturers in India.


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