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How Does Down the Hole Hammer Work?

Numa DTH Hammers

DTH expands to Down The Hole. It is a combination of a hammer and a drill with the power and strength of both. Construction industry veterans say that the DTH hammer is a must for the construction industry and the infrastructure and real-estate sectors. The DTH hammer, which enjoys worldwide acceptance is the Numa DTH hammer.

This ‘down-the-hole’ hammer is prized and held in great value by construction companies. The DTH hammer is a fitting tool for various construction activities—from shattering huge boulders to smithereens to digging big holes in hard earth. The debris left after all the hammering and the shattering are excavated to free the hole for laying foundations after pitching pilings in the ground.

Double the Power Hammers

Essentially, the DTH hammer is a jackhammer stuck to the lower end of a drill string. The jackhammer pounds hard surfaces and breaks through with all the fuss at its command. The drill in the DTH penetrates and shakes loose the rocky surface. The drilled shavings are flushed out with the use of the best Polymer drilling fluid near me.

The DTH hammer has been around for more than half a century. At one level it’s like a Vibro hammer—the drill part of it softens the hard rock/boulder; the ‘hammer’ in the DTH does the heavy lifting. It’s shared and shared alike! And like most heavy construction equipment and machinery, the Numa DTH hammer is available for sale and rent with all dealers of heavy construction equipment near me.

Where to Find DTH Hammers?

An American and a Belgian, independent of each other, invented the DTH hammer. Neither had ever met and they had no idea what the other was up to. That said, DTH hammers have been at work for more than 50 years. The American and the Belgian got the same idea at the same time. It did not matter that an ocean and a sea separated them. It was like two fathers sired the DTH hammer.

Numa DTH hammers can be bought or picked up on rental in any part of the world. The DTH hammer is available at any dealer in heavy construction equipment, which is where you can also buy the top polymer drilling fluid near me.

Summing Up

Getting hold of the contact details of authorized dealers DTH wouldn’t be a problem. Construction sector veterans and people in the heavy machinery and equipment industry will be of help to locate dealers in DTH. A rental or a dealer in heavy equipment that is used in the construction and drilling industries will be stocking DTH hammers.

But if it is the best Numa DTH hammer near me that you specifically want, searching the internet would produce the desired results. Most likely, the search engine will direct you to the website of the Kolkata-based Sugam Infra which deals in heavy equipment and heavy machinery, including the best polymer drilling fluid near me. The Numa DTH hammer is a ‘Made in America’ brand and the preferred brand of construction majors. Also the chosen pick of those who specialize in drilling.

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