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How to Hire Dawson Equipment?

Heavy Construction Equipment

Among the heavy construction equipment makers, the UK-based Dawson Construction Plant is known for developing, manufacturing, and marketing Piling Equipment. The equipments used in driving and extracting steel piles for various heavy-duty construction and exploration projects. Dawson equipment is used worldwide by different industries.

In India, Sugam Infrastructure has a dealership for Dawson Equipments as well as many other heavy equipment manufacturers. It offers these machinery both for sale and rent. If you are wondering how I can find the best Dawson Equipments near me, you should send your inquiry to Sugam Infra.

Some Of The Most Important Piling Equipment Include The Following:

  • Piling hammer
  • Hammer guides
  • Piling rigs
  • Hanging leader
  • Piling winches

What Dawson Equipments are Available for Purchase and Hire?

Industrial piling of rigs and sheets requires a range of hammers, drilling, and extraction systems. What makes them special is the power that they bring to the job. They are heavy machinery that works rapidly, each time bringing immense power to the job. Without them, difficult excavation, exploration, and construction projects can’t be completed.

To make such machinery requires a great deal of R&D, top-class technology, and modern infrastructure. Dawson Equipments are the result of such a high-end production facility. Here are some of the most recognized Dawson Piling systems:

  • Hydraulic Impact Hammers
  • Excavator Mounted Vibro
  • Excavator Mounted Drills
  • CFA auger cleaner
  • Universal Pile Extractor
  • Sheet Pile Capping
  • Sheet Pile Threaders
  • Sheet Pile Guide Frames
  • Silent Push-Pull system

How to Hire Dawson Equipment in India?

If you are looking for products from heavy equipment manufacturers for your one-off projects, you don’t need to buy this equipment. They are costly and may be mostly useless for you after it has served your purpose. Alternatively, you can hire them on rent. Sugam Infrastructure is a prominent dealership of heavy equipment including Dawson Equipments. It is possible that you need some of the equipment for your project. The best way to have them is to get in touch with Sugam Infra and let them know your requirements. It offers heavy machinery both on rent and sale. So, depending on how often you need these machinery, you can either buy or rent.

Things to Consider Before Renting Heavy Construction Equipment

When you hire heavy construction equipment such as Vibro hammers or piling systems, you are going to pay a substantial amount of money in rental fees. It calls for careful planning of the machinery you need and their correct specifications.

For example, if the machine you hire has the wrong specifications, it may not be useful to your purpose. What’s worse? You may get to know about it only at the site when you are ready to undertake the project for which the machine was hired.

Servicing and maintenance are other important aspects that need to be taken into account. Usually, the dealership will provide these services on the site. Make sure, these provisions are included in the fine print.

Summing Up

Dawson Equipments are among the important heavy construction equipment. You can hire them from Sugam Infra and can use them anywhere in the country. However, you should take care to hire the machinery of the specifications.

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