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What Makes Polymer Based Slurry Suitable for Piling?

Polymer Slurry

On the way to carrying on with the digging projects, some soil conditions seem to be very much challenging to deal with. If proper step is not taken at the right moment, then it may hamper the overall productivity. The polymer slurry will help in fortifying such soil conditions, thus reducing downtime.

What Polymer Slurry is in Actual?

Polymer fluid or slurry refers to a highly viscous liquid that helps in fortifying some of the most challenging soil conditions. These fluids are known for offering a wide range of benefits that include:

  • Footprint on smaller sites
  • Easy mixing of fluids
  • Better resistance of the interface between sand and concrete

The concentrated formula when mixed with freshwater results in the development of high-level viscosity. The formula formed is an ideal solution for drilled shafts, trenching of slurry, tunneling, reverse circulation of rotary drilling, and many more.

How do Construction Companies Benefit from the Use of Polymer Slurry?

The polymer slurry is known for comprising a wide range of benefits. Some of the highly remarkable ones include the following:

  • Highly improved quality of excavation
  • Simple in terms of use for field workers
  • Saves lots of time
  • Improves the level of productivity

Due to these remarkable benefits, the polymer support fluid is preferred in both drill shaft and construction industries. In terms of environmental challenges, the following benefits can be expected post using polymer based slurry:

  • Unequal level of performance in almost all types of soil conditions
  • Helps in reducing soil destabilization to a high extent
  • Superior performance
  • Best properties can be quickly recovered by adding small dosages

How does the Use of Polymer Slurry Ensure High Protection for the Equipment?

It is a fact that the polymer slurry benefits are innumerable. Its introduction into the market has proved to be a boon for the construction industry. The use of the slurry has made it easy to carry on with projects demanding an in-depth excavation. Thus, there remains no need to exert a high level of pressure on the machines.

As a result, the longevity of the construction machines gets enhanced. Such a lucrative perk prevents the headache of buying and repairing the machines at frequent intervals. It serves to be an economical advantage for the companies.

Why Opting for Heavy Equipment on Rent Seems a Great Choice?

There remains a dilemma between buying and renting heavy equipment pieces. It is better to have some heavy machines ready along with. But, for further benefits; it is recommended to opt for a heavy machine on rent. It will not only help in saving finances but also free the company from the headache of repairing and paying for the warehouse.

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