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What is a Down-the-Hole Hammer?

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In the world of heavy construction equipment, the DTH hammer is a proud member. DTH stands for down to the hole! There is a drill and there is a hammer. Combine the strengths of both and we have a DTH hammer. The DTH hammer is a staple for construction and real-estate industries. Like Vibro hammers for rent or sale! Among the brands that stand out in stark relief and find many takers, is the Numa DTH hammer. In the hands of a construction professional, the DTH hammer becomes a force to reckon with — a handy tool for various construction purposes, from breaking boulders to digging holes in the hard soil. The remains of the digging— the drill cuttings are excavated to clear the hole of all obstructions.

Double the Power Hammers

The DTH hammer has a jackhammer attached to a drill string, at the lower end. The jackhammer pounds and breaks down hard surfaces. The drill penetrates through big boulders and weakens them for the hammer to wreak havoc. The drill cuttings are flushed out with the use of any of the two — water or polymer fluids. The Numa DTH hammer has stood the test of time, and use. It vibrates like any good vibrator hammer. The hammer in the DTH hammer does the heavy lifting, so to speak. To get your hands on Vibro hammers for rent, the best people are dealers in heavy construction equipment.

Where to Find DTH Hammers?

DTH hammers have been around for over 50 years. Thanks to an American and a Belgian, both of whom worked on the same idea without any contact with each other. How could they, when an ocean separated them, literally! Both worked on the same principle and invented the DTH hammer, independent of each other! Other inventions had one father, the DTH hammer had two! Numa DTH hammers can be bought outright or taken on rental. But they have to be located first. That is not a problem. The DTH hammer will be available for rent or purchase at a dealer in heavy construction equipment.

Searching for DTH Hammers

Get hold of the names and addresses of authorized dealers of Numa DTH hammers. People with links to the construction sector and people familiar with heavy equipment and heavy machinery will be able to help locate DTH hammers. Go to a rental agency or to a dealer in heavy equipment used in the construction and drilling industries. If it is the Numa DTH hammer that you want, search the internet. Within minutes, you will be staring at the dedicated website of Sugam Infra, the Kolkata-based dealer in all kinds of heavy equipment including the best Numa DTH hammers near me. By the way, the Numa DTH hammers are made in America and, therefore, are believed to be of excellent quality. It is also regarded as highly dependable— the first choice of construction industry leaders. Also, the pick of the drilling industry!

Summing Up

The makers of Numa DTH manufacture over 100 different drilling machine products. The entire range of DTH hammers is available at Sugam Infra, the Kolkata-based dealer in heavy equipment. The Numa DTH also drills horizontally. Search the internet and get hold of the details of Sugam Infra.

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