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Why Dawson Equipments are Indispensable to Heavy Construction Sector?

Heavy Equipment

Heavy equipment and many industries go together, to the point that these industries themselves are categorized ‘heavy industries’, an honor which is not spoken because whoever heard of machines talking! Jest apart, heavy equipment manufacturers are not dime a dozen, they could be counted on the fingers if not for the simple fact that heavy equipment could fill two football fields for the sheer numbers of them.

For example, there is heavy equipment manufactured by Dawson Construction Plant Ltd (DCP), the United Kingdom-based manufacturer of piling equipment. Dawson Equipments as they are called back its marketing efforts with a network of distributors who also offer local support wherever the dealership is there.

40 Years and Counting

DCP or Dawson produces a range of equipment used in driving and extracting steel piles. The company has been there for nearly 40 years. The neat thing about Dawson is that among heavy equipment manufacturers, Dawson is one of the few which has a contracting company in the United Kingdom itself, which gives it a unique advantage: Dawson has the wherewithal to test/research the usage of piling equipment before the equipment is sold in the open market. Therefore, buyers of Dawson equipment have an inherent bias for equipment manufactured by Dawson. Providing local support is a lure that always works.

Finest in Piling Equipment

To reiterate, Dawson has been in existence for nearly 40 years and in these years it has gained the reputation of manufacturing the finest in piling equipment. Many industry veterans would in fact rank Dawson equipment as the best among heavy equipment manufacturers, especially equipment used for driving and extracting steel pilings. And part of the credit goes to Dawson’s global network of dealers, agencies that deal in Dawson equipment. Many of the suppliers of Dawson equipment themselves have water-tight reputations and are known in their field for best practices.

Two of the Best

Of the Dawson range of heavy equipment, a couple that merit mentionis the Dawson double acting hydraulic impact hammers and the Dawson range of excavator-mounted vibros or EMV. The Dawson impact hammer is highly rated and is said to be the “fastest in the world”. So far, nobody has challenged this categorization. Among the best Dawson equipment near me, the double-acting hydraulic impact hammer is perhaps the most valued. Ditto the excavator-mounted vibros, the EMV, which come in the range of 5 tonnes to 55 tonnes. The EMV has “stands” to hold them in place when not in use, and a “safety chain” that comes in use when lifting piles to stand them vertically from a horizontal position.

Summing Up

It is not very difficult to find where Dawson equipment is available for buying outright or for rental. The preferred way to find and locate these days of the information age is the internet, one of the marvels of humankind. Internet search engines take people to places in milliseconds. In fact, the internet is the best “place” to zero in on heavy equipment manufacturers and agencies dealing in heavy equipment. The Sugam Infra website has all the information on Dawson that one would want to know.

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