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It’s Time to Reach the Market Leaders for World Class Construction Machinery That Meets International Standards. Reach Sugam Infra Today! Make a better tomorrow together with us in India. Sugam Infra is an important part of a Construction group with experience of nearly two decades in the industry. We are dedicated to the development of the construction industry in India. Our expert team has introduced international techniques plant & equipment to the construction industry here. In nearly a decade, we got ourselves associated with the largest construction companies and are well known in the business for the widest range of foundation equipment.

Sugam Infra Provides DAT Instruments for Drilling in India

Founded in 2001, DAT Instruments is a dynamic and fast-growing Italian company that specializes in the design and production of instruments and software used in special foundation jobs such as Piling, Jet grouting, CFA, Diaphragm walls, Drilling, MWD, Grout injection, Grouting, TAM Grouting, Soil mixing, Vibroflotation, Lugeon tests, Mineral investigations, etc. DAT instruments offer a range of products, both standard, and custom made, which can assist customers with multi-site operations.

A real turning point for DAT instruments Research and Development Department; the new datalogger designed and realized by the Italian company was created according to the needs/demand of the Clients. The DAT Wide Log project arose from the specific request of a horizontal drilling construction site where there was the necessity to record different parameters and to display them simultaneously on the screen. Here comes the creation of a Wide monitor and a lot of improvements.

DAT Has Created History All Around the World with their Best Heavy Equipment

The new DAT Tiny Log has a solid-state internal memory that can record many data and is stronger and to avoid damages. This data logger is made of stainless steel and aluminum to be as much resistant as possible. In addition to that, DAT Tiny Log can work even in brackish weather, extremely high or low temperatures, sand, water, and in the most different climate and working conditions. DAT Tiny Log is also waterproof, thanks to appropriate seals and IP68 connectors.

The system can be also remotely programmed and can be supported through remote assistance/e-care by DAT instruments Technicians for set up, maintenance, or creation of new customized functions. The JET 4000 AME/I datalogger can be used to record the pressure, flow, and volume values of 4 pumps or injectors during grouting work. These steps are:

  • Recording of pressure, flow, and volume parameters of cement grout.
  • Display, directly on datalogger LCD, of instantaneous pressure, flow rate and volume values, of injection graphics, and of summarizing reports.
  • Automatic stop of the injector when maximum established pressure, the maximum volume of the grout are reached or via GIN method.
  • Automatic restart of pumping if, after being stopped, the pressure goes under pre-established value.
  • Start of the injectors directly from the JET 4000 AME / I datalogger keyboard.
  • Sending from a PC of a project with a different kind of pile and valve to avoid setting up in the field.
  • It is possible to print data immediately, via a printer that can be installed into the datalogger.

Sugam Infra Provides Services of the Leading Construction Equipment Dealers

Sugam Infra Brings Cutting-Edge Advantages to Construction Companies by Supplying Them with The Best Technology and Machinery. Visit our website now.

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