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Carrying Excavation and Foundation Work is No More Difficult Today. How?

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Earlier, the construction industries used to get nightmares due to the hassles associated with excavation and foundation. Those jobs were considered to be among the most difficult ones. With Bentonite, a high level of stability can be ensured to the soil finally preventing its collapsing to a high extent.

Want to know more about some of the exclusive properties associated with Bentonite? Here they are……

Is Bentonite a Type of Clay that is used in the Construction Industry?

Bentonite is a special type of clay that swells and takes the form of a gel after getting dispersed in water. The mixture formed makes it easy to carry on with the task of excavation and foundation. The presence of the electrically charged ions helps in bringing stability to the soil surface.

The density of Bentonite slurry makes it a highly suitable component for piling work. It also helps a lot in preventing the further collapsing of the soil, thus making it a highly suitable component for construction. The viscosity and plasticity associated make it fit for being used in mortars and Portland cement.

What are Some Important Properties Associated with Bentonite?

The use of Bentonite is used mostly as a thixotropic, providing support, and as a lubricating agent. Places in civil engineering that observes its applications include the:

  • Diaphragm walls
  • Tunneling
  • Laying of foundations
  • Horizontal drilling
  • Pipe jacking

Being highly important in terms of commercial applications, Bentonite is known mainly for comprising bleaching properties. As it comprises a high amount of clay mineral, it is considered to be plastic clay having exceptional properties. There are two different types of bentonites that include:

Sodium bentonite – It is a swelling type bentonite
Calcium bentonite – It is a non-swelling type of bentonite

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Does Bentonite Hold any Commercial Importance?

In terms of commercial importance, it is dependent on the physicochemical properties. Some exceptional properties that help in making Bentonite clay commercially viable include the following:

  • Appreciable plasticity and lubricity
  • High strength associated with dry bonding
  • Sheering and comprehensive strength
  • Low level of compressibility and permeability

Its usage is highly valued in some well-known applications of civil engineering works that include binding of the sand, drilling of mud, pelletization of iron ore, and as a waterproofing agent. The formation of a coat of barrier over the soil, Bentonite helps in easy reduction of the volume of extra collapsed soil. It enables easy and faster completion of work.

What are Some Additional Uses of Bentonite Slurry?

After coming across the lucrative properties associated with Bentonite, you must be wondering about the uses associated with the same. Some of the uses include the following:

These are some properties that make Bentonite an indispensable part of the construction industry. Your search for heavy equipment manufacturers concludes at Sugam Infra as here you will come across a wide range of choices.



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