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What are the Different Types of Vibratory Hammers Used?

Vibratory Hammers

The introduction of Vibro hammers has proved to be a boon to the construction industry. Apart from being light-in-weight, they are known for their ability to produce a low level of sound. As these hammers do not prefer applying extra force on the ground, they are highly preferable in urban and rural areas.

What are Some Remarkable Advantages of Vibratory Hammers?

Unlike traditional pile drivers, vibratory hammers are inclusive of a wide range of benefits. From easy extraction of old piles out of the ground to ensuring environmental friendliness, a wide range of benefits is associated with this decent heavy machine. The sound power level makes it a suitable option to be used close to residential plots.

Extraction of piles from construction structures like roads, bridges, harbors, airports, and canals has become easy with Vibro hammers. These hammers are also helpful in driving in and out of pipes as well. The use of vibratory pile drivers has spread all along due to the flexibility associated. Some of the most popular sectors where vibratory drivers are used for construction purposes include the following:

  • Canals
  • Harbors
  • Bridges
  • Airports
  • Roads
  • Wind turbines

The vibration in the case of vibratory hammers can be controlled as needed. Such an astonishing feature makes this heavy construction equipment piece the right choice for carrying out construction in residential and historical places.

After coming across some salient features associated with vibratory hammers, it is high time to know the varieties that are available in the market.

What are the Different Types of Vibratory Hammers Available for Sale?

The vibratory hammers utilize ground improvement techniques that prove to be of great help to weak natural soils and filled ground. They are very much helpful in improving some essential features that include:

  • Load bearing capacity
  • Reduction in the time of settlement
  • Provision of adequate stratum to bear by the foundation of a building

Now, as the instruments applied for different purposes are variable; similarly below are some exclusive varieties of Vibro hammers that are available in the market for sale:

Low-frequency vibratory hammer –

Low-frequency Vibro hammer refers to that particular type of hammer that has a frequency of at most 10 Hz. Primarily, it is used with piles that have high mass and appreciable toe resistance.

Vibratory hammers having medium frequency –

As clear from the name, vibratory hammers having medium frequency have a vibratory frequency of 30 Hz maximum. They are utilized mainly for piling sheet piles and small pipe piles.

Vibratory hammers having high frequency –

These are special types of heavy construction equipment having a frequency of more than 30 Hz. Low-rated transmission related to ground excitation towards neighboring structures is a highly remarkable advantage.

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Sonic hammers –

Sonic vibratory hammers are helpful in the induction of resonant response in the pile. It facilitates easy driving and extraction of piles. It operates at a frequency of 120 Hz maximum.

Whether you are planning to buy or rent heavy construction equipment like a vibratory hammer; Sugaminfra will be the right place. Coming across a wide variety of items will help in making a generous choice for your upcoming project.


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