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Fluid of Polymer Improves Drilling Efficiency. How?

Polymer drilling fluid

Drilling is a very important part of the construction. Without proper drilling, it will be very much difficult to start and conclude the project efficiently. Taking the help of polymer drilling fluid, it will become easy to increase the efficiency of drilling in the best possible manner.

What is Polymer Drilling Fluid all about?

The polymer drilling fluid refers to a special type of drilling fluid that can be utilized for drilling throughout several reactive formations. In places where shale inhibition seems to be a matter of concern, polymer fluid will be the most preferable solution. Shale inhibitors used frequently include the following:

  • Salts
  • Glycols
  • Amines

Unfortunately, none of them is compatible with bentonite. Thus, the help of polymer fluid is taken into high consideration. Potassium chloride is used at the base of polymer drilling fluid as it comprises inhibitive properties. To enhance the inhibitive properties to a further level, glycol and amine may be added.

What is the Actual Functionality Associated with Polymer Drilling Fluid?

Polymers serve as additives in drilling muds for designing drilling fluids in specific conditions related to drilling. It permits easy replacement of clay with polymer at the time of drilling. The polymers serve as surfactants, foaming agents, lubricants, filtration control agents, corrosion inhibitors, and many more.

The organic polymer used in polymer drilling fluid can be easily classified into the following two categories:

  • Natural occurring
  • Semi-synthetic
  • Purely synthetic

Based on the utility, you will be able to make a generous selection.

Some Characteristics Related to Performance

The polymer drilling fluid is preferred over other fluids due to the performance characteristics in the association.

Below is a list of some remarkable advantages of polymer fluid:

  • High-level thermal stability
  • Formation stability
  • Ensures protection from the production zone
  • Drilling ability
  • Compatibility with the environment
  • Protection from corrosion
  • High resistance to contamination and many more.

These are some lucrative benefits associated with polymer fluid due to which it is used in the construction industry.

How to Come across the Right Type of Construction Machine for Hiring?

Carrying out construction projects is difficult without the right type of construction machinery. At the time of going with construction machinery hire, certain vital points must be kept in high consideration. Some of them include the following:

  • The design is based on the latest technology
  • High level of flexibility
  • Robustness
  • Easy to operate
  • Resistant to all types of weather conditions

To come across the right type of construction machinery for hiring purposes, it is advisable to approach a highly reliable and trustworthy manufacturer. There, you will come across a wide range of choices that will finally help in making a generous choice. The right type of construction machinery by Sugam Infra will be able to operate with polymer drilling fluid in the best possible manner.


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