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What Makes Instruments from DAT Suitable for Horizontal Drilling?

DAT Instruments Drilling

Carrying out the projects related to horizontal drilling will remain no more a hindrance with DAT instruments. By recording the parameters followed by displaying them on the screen, every activity will make it easy for the construction engineers to carry on with their project in the best possible manner.

What is the Actual Action Performed by DAT Instruments?

DAT instruments are known for meeting the demands of the customers in the horizontal drilling industry. It will benefit the whole ground engineering industry. The parameters will get recorded and the same data will get displayed on the screen. The screen data logger can be easily configured for displaying data in the form of:

  • Graphs
  • Numerical values
  • Needle indicators and everything.

Based on the data collected, it will become easy for the operator to execute the operations required with high precision. The operation will take place in a crystal clear and detailed way all along the phases of drilling and grouting.

Can the Data that has Been Collected be Extracted?

The data collected can be easily extracted with the help of a USB drive, Wi-Fi antenna, and an Ethernet connection. Also, the system can be easily connected to a modem. The connection established permits easy going through the data remotely in real-time. The DAT instruments comprise a large internal memory and a robust design that is inclusive of a stainless steel and aluminum casing.

The introduction of the DAT instrument serves to be a boon to the construction industry. It is a highly functional system that has helped in making operations much easier. This particular system has received high interest among companies that are involved in special types of foundation activities. Overall, the focus is on the proper execution of projects.

Does DAT Instrument Help in Speeding Up Mixture Injection Process?

DAT instruments are utilized exclusively for the recording of pressure along with flow and value related to volumes during grouting. It can also be utilized for soil consolidation techniques that are taking place at low pressure. Additionally, these instruments can easily automate and speed the process of mixture injections.

Also, it is possible to record the pressure along with flow and volume parameters of creating a grout with heavy construction equipment. Whenever the injector reaches the maximum pressure, then the operation gets stopped automatically. The data analyzed can be easily printed and can be installed into the data logger as well.

Where to Get the Best Quality DAT Instrument from?

If you are searching for a reliable place to fetch the right type of heavy construction equipment including DAT, then you may approach a reliable manufacturer. With a wide range of choices available, making the right selection will seem no more difficult. As they are manufactured using the latest technology, it may be expected that all the works will be performed in the best possible manner.


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