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What are Some Lucrative Benefits Associated with Down to Hole Hammer?

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Are you looking forward to investing in a hammer whose drilling rate does not get affected by the depth of the hole? If yes, then it is high time to opt for the DTH hammer. Having an idea about DTH hammer prices and types will let you make a generous selection. Below is a detailed description of the types of DTH hammers.

How does a DTH Hammer Work?

DTH hammer, i.e., down-to-hole hammer refers to a specific type of percussion hammer drill where the piston remains in direct contact with the bit. Both the hammer and bit are situated at the end of the drill string. The drilling rate hardly gets affected by the length or depth of the hole.

Such a great facility makes this particular type of hammer suitable for drilling of medium quality to hard rock. It is exclusively suited for drilling inside a fractured rock. This is the reason that makes this hammer suitable for various industries including the following:

  • Mining
  • Civil engineering
  • Quarrying
  • Drilling of water well

As the size and dimension of the DTH hammer vary from one project to the other, the DTH hammer price also differs based on the needs.

Do DTH Hammers Have Exceptional Durability?

DTH hammers are usually manufactured using superb quality hard steel alloy and premium quality tungsten carbide. This makes them suitable for being tried and tested on the harshest conditions of rocks. Categorization of DTH hammers and DTH hammer price have been categorized based on the following characteristics:

  • Design of shank
  • Diameter of the bit
  • Face configuration of the bit
  • Carbide design

What are Some Advantages of DTH Hammer?

The usage of the DTH hammer has gained wide popularity in the construction industry. Some of the remarkable advantages associated with this particular type of hammer include the following:

  • Exclusive design helps in the reduction of costs and emission of carbon dioxide
  • Its high power and remarkable air efficiency helps in increasing productivity
  • Machine downtime gets reduced due to remarkable designs
  • Shank options provide high rate reliability and flexibility

These are some vital characteristics that result in the variation of the DTH hammer price. Now it is high time to get an insight into the various types of DTH hammers that are taken in usage:

  • Hammer having concave face – This particular type of DTH hammer helps in easy drilling of straight holes into both medium to hard rock. With excellent air flushing ability, it is inclusive of the high rate of penetration.
  • Hammer having a flat face – It performs the best in case of hard, abrasive, and broken rocks. It is known for its slower rate of penetration than a concave-faced hammer.
  • Hammer having convex face – It is designed exclusively for offering a high rate of penetration in soft rock like limestone. It can be easily used for drilling rocks that are moderately consolidated.

In combination with superb quality vibro hammers for sale, it becomes easy for DTH hammers to complete the operation in the best possible manner.


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