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What are Some Unique Qualities of Impact Diesel Hammers?

Impact Hammer

High-quality and exclusively manufactured diesel impact hammers are utilized for driving piles into the soil. They help create support for buildings and other structures like retention dams. Some of the most commonly used pile driving impact hammers include the sheet pile, H-pile, and pipe pile.

What are the Phases in Which Diesel Impact Hammers Work?

A diesel impact hammer is used for driving almost every type of steel piling. High reliability and robustness are some qualities that make these hammers highly renowned in the construction industry. As clear from the name, diesel impact hammers being self-contained hardly need any external power supply.

Hence, they are capable of reaching at least fifty blows at an interval of every minute in case of closed-end hammers. Whereas, in the case of open-end hammers; these hammers can easily reach a minimum of seventy blows per minute. Below are four phases in which a diesel impact hammer works:

  1. Once the ram gets raised, it becomes easy to inject the fuel
  2. During compression, the ram gets released and falls freely. The moment the exhaust port closes, both air and fuel get compressed altogether
  3. The mixture of air and fuel gets heated up through compression and combustion. The jammer reaches an impact level with the help of a pile
  4. Finally, during expansion; the ram gets driven upwards due to the impact that is the result of the pile. The rising of the ram draws in the fresh air that begins the cycle until the hammer stops manually.

These are some phases on which a diesel impact hammer works. After coming across the phases of working with the hammer, it is high time to come across some lucrative benefits associated with diesel impact hammers.

What are Some Remarkable Benefits Associated with Impact Diesel Hammers?

There are innumerable benefits associated with diesel impact hammers that make them among highly popular choices. Some of the exclusive benefits that have made these hammers demandable in the construction industry include the following:

  • Powerful option – The diesel impact hammer is a highly powerful option than other ordinary options. It is almost twice as powerful as hydraulic hammers. Hence, its usage will help in completing the work within a short period.
  • Can work on various types of soil and pile – Diesel impact hammers can easily work on various types of soil and piles. They can be easily used for piles that are crafted using steel, concrete, and timber.
  • Have little environmental impact – Recent models of diesel impact hammers hardly impact the environment. They work with a low level of noise emission. The cost is also half that of hydraulic hammers.

Last but not the least, diesel impact hammers are highly reliable choices. They comprise fewer parts for maintenance and repair in comparison to ordinary hammers. Nowadays, renting machinery serves to be a great alternative to purchasing.

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