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Vibratory Hammers are Preferable over Impact Driver. Why?

Vibro Hammers for Sale

As technology is reaching its pace fast, the construction industry is also observing several advancements. The Vibro hammers are one of the most suitable examples. The technology has gained a wide reputation for facilitating construction projects that involve a deep foundation. These are special types of hammers that are preferred over impact hammers.

What is the Technology Involved in Vibratory Hammers?

Vibratory driving refers to a special technique that includes driving the piles inside the soil. The driving of the piles takes place due to a small-sized longitudinal vibratory motion comprising a certain frequency and amplitude. The vibration caused in the soil due to Vibro hammers for sale helps in the creation of liquefaction.

It is liquefaction that enables easy penetration of the pile into the seabed. Unlike impact hammers, vibratory hammers work according to the following principles:

  • High-level penetration rate
  • Reduction in ground vibrations and levels of noise
  • Easy correction of misplacement errors

Such remarkable benefits result in highly significant economic savings and improved projects ensuring environmental protection.

What are Some Remarkable Benefits of Vibratory Hammers over Impact Hammers?

The Vibro hammers for sale are known for some highly remarkable benefits over impact hammers. They have been mentioned in short as under:

  1. Zero diameter limitation – The vibratory hammers are popular for their zero limitation in terms of diameter. They can be easily converted to modular and big-sized hammers.
  2. Faster process of installation – In comparison to an impact hammer, a vibratory hammer is known for its faster process of installation. The easier handling of the pile helps in the quick installation process.
  3. Low cost – This is another remarkable benefit of this exclusively manufactured heavy equipment. Vibratory hammers require fewer amounts of energy and time for the installation of the piles. Finally, it results in low operational costs.
  4. Easy removal and re-installation of piles – The Vibro hammers for sale can be used for easy removal and re-installation of piles. They can be easily utilized for adjusting installation tolerances and re-alignment. These hammers are efficient to remove a pile completely.
  5. Low emission of noises – The vibratory hammers are also popular due to their ability to produce a low level of noise than impact hammers. Excessive noise emission at the time of operation of hammers may result in a negative impact on marine mammals.

These are some remarkable benefits that are associated with vibratory hammers. Unlike traditional impact hammers, these help a lot in the fast completion of the work with a high-level efficiency.

What is the Right Place to Buy Heavy Machines like Vibro Hammers?

Hence, it can be made out that the vibratory hammers are highly useful in comparison to traditional impact hammers. Industries planning to buy such heavy equipment may visit Sugam Infra. With a wide range of choices, selecting the best will remain no more difficult.


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