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Indian Industry Picks Sugam Infra for Polymer Drilling Fluid and Heavy Equipment

Construction Machinery and Equipment

Polymer Drilling Fluid or polymer fluid is a type of drilling fluid used to drill through reactive formations where shale inhibition is a prime concern. Frequently used shale inhibitors are salts, glycols, and amines which are not compatible with bentonite. A natural polymer that increases stability and halts borehole expansion in sensitive formations. POLY PLUS: A liquid polymer designed to provide cuttings encapsulation, shale stabilization, boost mud viscosity, and improve overall mud lubricity. It is a multi-purpose polymer that will improve mud performance and reduce friction.

Are you looking for the topmost heavy equipment supplier, especially to get Polymer drilling fluid near you in India? Your best option is Sugam Infra. We are a pioneer heavy construction equipment seller, supplier, and rental provider in India and across South Asia. Being the sole representative of giant US, UK, German or big national companies worldwide, we can deliver you all types of heavy equipment. With our top-class engineering team, we provide all necessary support and guidance in using those types of machinery and many more.

Our USPs

Sugam Infra is the other name of trust and automation in the field of heavy construction in India. For the last two decades, we are procuring types of machinery from the best manufacturers in the world to deliver to our clients. We are for sell, hire and life-time services. Our suppliers trust our channel to reach you. We provide affordable and industry-best support at a competitive price. We are getting repeated orders from existing clients and getting references from them. We are now a pan South Asian company. We believe not in manufacturing but in importing, selling, leasing, or hiring types of machinery and provide bundled services to you.

Why are We Your Best Choice for Getting Polymer Grilling Fluid as Part of Heavy Equipment for Construction?

Polymers are added in drilling muds to design drilling fluids for specific drilling conditions, even allowing for complete replacement of clay with polymer when drilling through formations with water-sensitive shales, and in water-producing zones. Polymers can act as surfactants, foaming agents, deflocculants, lubricants, corrosion inhibitors, viscosifiers, filtration control agents, etc.

Organic polymers used in drilling fluid can be classified as naturally occurring, such as starches and guar gum, those produced by natural processes in a controlled environment such as xanthan gum and XCD, semi-synthetic such as derivatives of starches and gums, and sodium carboxymethylcellulose, and purely synthetic petrochemical derivatives such as polyacrylates and ethylene oxide polymers.

Sugam Infra Engineers and experts are ready to estimate your need in construction. We suggest and supply the most suitable equipment for you, remembering the cost-cutting factors. Feel free to visit our website for more information. Book an appointment now for Polymer drilling fluid and other heavy equipment in India.

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