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Heavy Construction Equipment

Do you need to buy or hire the best quality construction machinery and equipment in India? Have you shortlisted Fraste for purchasing drill rigs? More than fifty years of design and construction experience give Fraste a relevant position within the international drilling industry, also obtained from the direct contact with the drillers that with their thrust have given to the company more opportunities and the possibility to be constantly on the world market with new subjects and ideas. Sugam Infra from India is the sole representative of Fraste in India and South Asia for more than a decade now.

Fraste – the Beginning and Reaching to the Top

Benito Fracca – President – founded Fraste in 1964, started his activity in mechanical construction. Soon he developed the first water well drilling rig, and thus began the work in the drilling field. At that time, the drilling industry was still very traditional and mainly concerned with mechanical transmission systems. Using hydraulics for its drilling units, Fraste was one of the Italian pioneers of modern drilling. Fraste was built in Nogara, near Verona, its first new factory. Fraste drill rigs began to win fame in the Italian drilling industry; quality became a standard.

The company started attending international trade fairs in Italy and laid the foundation for entering the foreign market. The company celebrated its 50th foundation year in 2014. Sugam Infra is a trusted seller, supplier, and service provider of Fraste in India near you and a large part of South Asia for a long time. Drilling rigs are FRASTE’s best traditional quality representatives. Deep experience and the latest technologies are the basic elements for each water well drilling rig. All drilling methods are available with us like Air/mud circulation drilling, Down the hole hammer (DTHH), Reverse circulation, Automatic drill pipes loading systems, Truck, crawler, trailer, or skid mounting, Pulling capacity up to 60 tons.

Why Should You Choose Fraste Drill Rigs Through Sugam Infra?

Any new heavy construction job site is incomplete without Fraste drill rigs. Expressly designed for air drilling, its dual rotary head allows simultaneous drilling with the drill pipe and casing pipe. It’s a friendly-use drill unit, thanks also to the employ of the Preventer, the cuttings conveyor that permits working without any drilling site and environmental contamination. The FRASTE range provided by Sugam Infra in India includes high-quality drilling rigs for:

  • Water well drilling rig
  • Geotechnical drilling
  • Shallow geothermal drilling
  • Deep geothermal drilling
  • Mineral exploration
  • Seismic drilling
  • Foundations

Sugam Infra Will Supply You With Fraste Drill Rigs

Eijkelkamp and FRASTE are known for being innovative and forward-thinking, always looking to design new Rigs, to meet the demands of the future, across the world. You can count on Sugam Infra service and support any place and any time in India near you. For a complete range of our products visit our sites now.

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