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New DTH Hammers Have Longer Life. Do You Agree?

Numa DTH Hammers

High advancement in human innovation has resulted in the introduction of lots and lots of machinery in the market. Numa DTH hammers are also among them. Higher speed and low level of air consumption have contributed to a long life. Additionally, these exclusively manufactured hammers can easily work at an air pressure of at most 35 Bar.

What does DTH Mean in Actual?

DTH is an abbreviated form for Down The Hole. In some markets, it is also known by the name Rotary Air Blasting. The exclusively manufactured Numa DTH hammers comprise of some vital parts that include the following:

  • Rotation drill rig
  • Air compressor
  • Drilling string

The drilling string in the DTH hammer is manufactured using drill rods along with hammers and bits. The hammer has gained recognition for acting as a specific part in enabling easy conversion of the air pressure directly into the impact energy. Simultaneously, it helps in the easy transferring of impact energy and rotation force directed towards the bits.

Does the Newly Manufactured DTH Hammer Comprise Improved Technology?

The new generation Numa DTH hammers are inclusive of improved and decent technological features that have helped in making operations easy. The absorbing art technology along with superior quality alloy steel and robust design is an improved addition to the component.

These are some salient features that contribute to long life, low levels of air consumption, and high penetration speed. Unlike conventional DTH hammers, the newly introduced hammers can easily work at high pressures. Compatibility with DHD, MISSION, QL, and SD shanks of DTH bits is one more additional benefit associated with this newly introduced DTH hammer.

These are some exclusive features of newly introduced DTH hammers that have made them highly popular among customers. Also, they have gained an appreciable share in the market after successfully getting launched into the market.

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DTH Hammers Have Benefitted the Drilling Industry

The newly introduced heavy construction equipment like DTH hammers comprise special types of systems for lubrication. They are designed specifically for injecting rock drill oil into the airline at positive pressure. It ensures that the proper amount of oil has been supplied into the DTH hammer at the time of drilling.


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