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What Are Some Smart Tips Regarding Maintenance of Down-to-Hole Hammers?

Numa DTH Hammers

Every machinery is subjected to wear and tear after a long time of usage. Thus, they must be disassembled and inspected regularly. Based on the drilling conditions, it depends on how often the hammer needs to undergo inspection. Similarly, in the case of Numa DTH hammers; the inspection depends on whether it has been used in wet condition or dry condition.

Is it Mandatory to Have an Inspection after First Usage?

Generally, some users commit the blunder of not inspecting their down-to-hole hammers after their first usage. They forget that the benefits associated with inspection post the usage are innumerable. It will help in detecting some specific problems if found any. Also, it will give the users hands-on experience regarding the overall experience of using the machinery.

If any problem related to parts is found, then immediate replacement of that part will ensure smooth running in the future. The cleaning of the internal parts of DTH hammers can be done with the help of foam or water injection. Cleaning the hammer thoroughly with the help of clean water and compressed air followed by re-lubricating will ensure smooth functionality.

At What Intervals Servicing of DTH Hammers Must be done?

It is a fact that continuous accumulation of dirt, dampness, and dust may result in shortening the lives of the parts of Numa DTH hammers. They may even interfere with the overall quality of the oil, finally resulting in the malfunctioning of the hammers. The factors that help in determining the intervals regarding availing of safe service include the following:

  • The pressure required for operation
  • Hours of operation
  • Rate of penetration

Slipping out of the air past the worn-out sealed areas results in a low amount of pressure on the piston. With the lowering of the pressure of the piston, the level of penetration also deteriorates. As the rate of penetration becomes inadequate, it symbolizes that the time of replacing or repairing parts has arrived.

Regular lubrication and a clean environment will ensure the long life of the Numa DTH hammers. By measuring the large air volume, it will become easy to determine the total amount of wear and tear the parts have undergone.

How to Ensure Best Performance and Longevity of DTH Hammers?

The penetration rate of the DTH hammer is based on the flow and pressure of air in the piston. Cleaner air and the sharper bit will ensure the best performance and appreciable longevity. Exceeding of suggested limitations regarding operation must be avoided. Proper tools will help in assembling and disassembling the tools.

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Lastly, every site must be inspected in detail before applying the use of Numa DTH hammers. Poor weather conditions and toxic chemicals may result in hampering the operation of the machinery. Hence, it is preferable to have a detailed check on these details before making use of the down-to-hole hammers.

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