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What is a DTH Hammer and How Can You Rent it?

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In the Tarzan legend, ‘Numa’ is the generic name for the shaggy African lion, the king of the jungle. Now, there is the Numa DTH Hammer. DTH is short for ‘Down-the-Hole!’ So, the DTH hammer is a down-the-hole hammer and the Numa DTH hammer is a well-regarded brand of DTH hammers. The DTH hammer is used to pound hard rock or any hard surface into debris, which is thereafter excavated to clear the way to whatever needs to go in, usually construction pilings.

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According to down-the-hole hammer experts, a DTH hammer is a jackhammer attached and aligned to a drill. The pounding hammer breaks through hard surfaces including rocky terrain. The debris is flushed out with the use of fluids. The drill in the DTH hammer vibrates and loosens the surface soil while the hammer part of it does the heavy hitting. The DTH hammer will be available at any dealer in heavy equipment near me.

The DTH hammer has been around for more than half a century. An American and a Belgian, both working independently, with an ocean separating the two, invented the DTH hammer. Numa DTH hammers have to be found and kept in storage before they are either bought outright or taken on rental. The DTH hammer can be found at the company warehouse, but usually, top heavy equipment dealers near me have them in their inventory.

Where Can You Find DTH Hammers on Rent?

Try the authorized company dealer first. It will be well-known to people around the heavy equipment and machinery agency – storage warehouse for heavy equipment near me including DTH hammers. Search the internet with the use of proper keywords if you cannot get hold of address details. For example, ‘heavy equipment dealer near me’ or ‘DTH hammer’ could be valid keywords. That said, the first thing you will learn from the search is that Numa DTH hammers is a US firm and because these DTH hammers are ‘Made in the USA’, therefore, they must be the best in quality.

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