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What is Numa DTH Hammer? How Can You Rent it?

Numa DTH Hammers

The DTH hammer is a jackhammer attached to a drill. The pounding hammer turns hard rock into debris which is then flushed out, evacuated from the drilled hole with the use of fluids. The drill bit goes down into the hole drilled in the hard rock and the hammer does its heavy hitting. The DTH hammer has been around for maybe 65 years and was invented by an American and a Belgian, both independently. But we are talking about the Numa DTH hammer.

The DTH stands for down-the-hole. It’s different from going down the hill, which is when a person’s life goes downhill! The DTH here is the down-the-holehammer, which is used to hammer to dust hard rock.

Where to go Looking for a Numa DTH Hammer?

Try Sugam Infra, the destination for all things heavy equipment near me including Numa DTH hammers. Sugam Infra is on the internet. Search the internet and it’s a smooth ride to Sugam Infra if you use the right keywords. For example, the best heavy equipment dealer near me or Numa DTH hammers. Once on the website, check out the details. You’ll very quickly get to know that Numa DTH hammers come from a US company.

Why look for Numa DTH Hammers?

One, it’s ‘Made in the USA’; therefore it also boasts a higher quality. It’s also believed to be long lasting and very “dependable”. And it has over 100 products for hard rock drilling that are used in construction, mining, or any industry which requires rock drilling. Numa DTH hammers also have horizontal rock drilling equipment. And all these are available at Sugam Infra, the best dealer in heavy equipment near me in drills of all manners including Numa DTH hammers. Head straight for the India-based Sugam Infra and no rock will stand in the way after Numa DTH hammers have had their way.

What Do DTH Hammers Bring to the Table?

Numa DTH hammers boast of being the top company manufacturing down-the-hole hammers and bits – a leader in drilling technologies. Numa DTH hammers also claim to have the best drilling experts in the world. It also highlights its excellent record in customer support. Sugam Infra is proof of that level of customer support. Customers have the privilege of availing themselves of the expertise of top-notch experienced DTH hammer experts.

Summing Up

DTH hammers revolutionized the construction and drilling industries. They broke through the final barrier in the way of tackling rocks of immense strength and solidity, building on them all manner of infrastructure. With DTH hammers, the hardest of rocks can be pierced and broken through. The intensity of the hammers coupled with the sturdiness and intensity of the bits cut through all opposition. There are many DTH hammer companies, but Numa DTH hammers are in a class of their own. And Sugam Infra is the place to go for Numa DTH hammers.

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